Nola is the birthplace of the italian universal scholar Giordano Bruno, who was burnt as a heretic in 1600. To mark the jubilee of his 400th day of death in 200, the wooden sculpture 'Giordano Bruno' 4 Cast glass windows by the Berlin sculptor Alexander Polzin were installed in two mirror image rooms in the lobby (access, entrance hall) of the city hall. The architectural part of the collaboration with the artist included the revision of the architectural appearance of the two halls as part of the main lobby of the city hall as well as the technical concept of the installation of the wooden sulpture and the Cast glas windows.

Comune di Nola; Central European University, Budapest
Alexander Polzin, Berlin
Contact architect:
Architekt Klaus Schuwerk, Napoli
Lighting concept:
Volker von Kardorff, Berlin
2001 - 2002
Building costs:
155 T Euro netto