The 5000 m2 large, wedge-shaped site has a direct access to the Kleine Wannsee and is situated in a residential area dominated by large detached family houses. The construction of this villa 'Am Kleinen Wannsee' consists of a main building and two adjoining buildings, which run linear to the street-facing site boundary. In this manner, the building corpus including a front garden and driveway can be arranged close to the street in order to preserve the back garden area towards the lake as large as possible. The ground floor of the two floor building includes the living areas as well as a living room with the fireplace, dining room, and a large family kitchen. Two representative studies form a linear arrangement with the fireplace room. The upper floor includes the bedrooms, sanitary and dressing rooms as well as another living room. There is a swimming pool with an adjoining fitness and sauna area in the basement . Two courtyards are located in front of the northern and southern glazed walls of the swimming pool. These are lowered by half a floor level in order to provide discretion and wind shelter. The northern adjoining building is used as a guest apartment with two living rooms, a bathroom and a pantry kitchen. The southern building is a garage with 4 parking spaces.

Project management with Josef P. Kleihues; Kleihues+Kleihues
2000 - 2002
2001 - 2002
Building costs:
4,8 Mio Euro netto