The restored architectural monument is one of the 16 houses of "atrium settlement" in Munich Alt-Bogenhausen. This was built by the architect Ulrich Seek in 1931. All the houses of the ensemble are applied at ground level and without stairs. An L-shaped building and two garden walls enclose the atrium of each house. The apartments are directed to the garden courtyards. The upgrading of technical equipment was one part of necessary repair and renovation. The other special part was to show the quality of Seek's architectural language. All measures were carried out in close coordination with the historic preservation. Construction elements, details, materials and colors correspond to the historical model. Only small changes have been made in the interior rooms for functional modern life.

Prize winner - Preis für Stadtbildpflege 2016 - Bauen und Sanieren in historischer Umgebung - der Landeshauptstadt München

2014 - 2015