The office was founded in Berlin in 1999. The service range of the office includes:

- Design, planning and construction management

- Concept design and urban planning and

- Product design for unique and serial production

The office guarantees all clients a professional working process in all phases of a project from the initial idea to delivery. All buildings and and projects follow a consistent planning approach which incorporates functionality, a high degree of architectural standard and sustainability, as well as the commitment to cost awareness and compliance of deadlines. The work with the mentors Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani (Zurich), Josef Paul Kleihues (Berlin) and Henri Ciriani (Paris) formed the base for a responsible and contemporary design of modern living and working environments. The team- and project leading position at the offices of Josef Paul Kleihues and Jan Kleihues as well as Heinz Tesar resultet in a comprehensive experience for the conception of planning and building tasks.
The development of industrial products for serial production, the building management of the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Services, a villa at Kleiner Wannsee and a house at Schwielowsee as well as the general restoration and exhibition design of the Bode Museum on the museum island in Berlin provide a number of examples for this.