This feasibility study looks at realising a Museum Hymer For Mobile Homes And Caravans at Bad Waldsee with a permanent and a temporary Exhibition about the history of living on wheels. The study also investigates legal, architectural and exhibition related criteria of a large-scale meeting and event area. The museum is located in the south-west of the development plan Wasserstall in the community Bad Waldsee and is conveniently situated at the entrance of the community, high above the Bundesstrasse B30. The main floor at ground level includes the lobby with a cafe, museum shop, cloakroom, utility room as well as the exhibition area, workshop and building services. In addition there is an area which can be used for temporary exhibitions and various events. The second floor includes administration and management areas in proximity to the main entrance. In addition, there is a (raised) gallery from which the visitor can look down into the main exhibition spaces. The self-supporting facade consists of prefabricated, insulated sandwich or composite elements. An exerior and an interior shell cover this construction. The exterior shell is made from light metal and is covered with a glossy surface. The colour is taken from the corporate design of the Hymer AG.

Erwin Hymer Foundation
Gross Floor Area:
9.200 sqm
Main Floor Area:
7.850 sqm
Building costs:
10,6 Mio Euro