The competition site consists of the former manor "Kleinzschocher" at Kantatenweg 31 and the sites at Windorfer Strasse 51 and 53 in Leipzig. The aim of the competition was to create a living situation which should be architectually and atmospherically defined by its location on the border between the urban block structure and the landscaped park. The goal was to create a flowing transition between the city and the park via green, the houses and the gardens. The same transition is created from the park towards the city.
The single and double units at Kantatenweg are situated around a central open space, a 'village green'. Its shape is derived from the original manor green. Access to the plots and to the buildings is from the green, the living and garden areas are orientated towards the park. The conventional building typology shows ground floor, first floor and second floor under a gable roof. The single and double units at Windorfer Strasse are accessed from an internal road- the living and garden areas are also orientated towards the park. A similar, contemporary typology of the buildings includes a penthouse above the ground- and second floor.

Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH
Landscape concept:
19 ha